Résumé Writing

Do you know how to write a good resume? One of the biggest problems we see every day is poor resumes from candidates. Considering that a resume is one of the most important documents you will ever write, its worth taking the time to understand how to present yourself in the best possible light.

01. No Waffle

Make sure you stick to the point. Cut out the waffle. No one has time to read long winded explanations of random stuff you have done.

02. Dates

Make sure you note all of your educational courses as well as other courses with the year completed and the institution.

03. Vital Stuff

The above being said, make sure you don’t omit vital information that could catch a potential employers eye. Things that interest employers are generally interesting/rare technical projects as well as technical skills that are in short supply. If you have these. Note them!

04. Details

Make sure that your duties are bullet pointed for each position you have had, along with all projects and achievements for that role. If you can note project or sales values, that is also great. Remember that a great resume is all about specifics.

05. Grammar

Pay special attention to spelling and grammar. There is nothing worse than poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Even if you have to ask a friend or family member to check it, do so! Spelling mistakes send resumes straight to the trash can.

06. Tense

Avoid writing in 1st or 3rd person. Instead, just make your sentences factual. e.g. “Was part of a team that delivered the X project on time and under budget.“ (This helps recruiters to process your CV without having to change the tense in every line of text)

07. Honesty

Do not lie. Untruths in resumes ultimately come out and can cause more damage than you can care to imagine. Truth is the ultimate policy in resumes.

08. Font & Colour

Don’t use crazy fronts and colours. Don’t use headers and footers and do not include images (other than a professional headshot).

09. Overboad

One last thing. Avoid humour and excessive/unrealistic claims of ability. Although this may amuse the person reading your resume. It is unlikely to get you anywhere in terms of getting that dream job.

10. Start!

Where to start? There are some great resume templates out there. If you just follow these templates and this advice you will be 90% of the way towards a great resume and your dream job!